Gunn & Moore

Founded in 1885 Gunn & Moore are one of the oldest names in cricket. They pride themselves on manufacturing all the English Willow bats in their range at their Nottingham factory.

They have full control over the bat making process from beginning to end. They start by sourcing the timber from which the wood is then carefully prepared through a complex humidifying and kiln drying process to ensure the correct moisture content of approx. 12% is consistent throughout. The wood is then graded and carefully selected before the blades are cut to a high-precision accuracy on a dye-cutting machine. Each bat is then hand finished by master craftsman.

AllGunn & Moore bats come with factory fitted protection which includes a clear anti-scuff bat face and ToeTek Technology which is a specially shaped resilient shield fitted to the toe of the bat.

Gunn & Moore, where tradition meets innovation, offer 6 bat ranges for the 2016 season.

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